Liam Payne’s Sister Is Angry About The Cheryl ‘Pregnancy’ Speculation

Ruth Gibbins takes to Twitter to plead with fans...

The speculation about whether Cheryl and Liam Payne are ‘expecting’ has reached new highs this week.

Why’s this? Well, the couple headed to London’s Fayre Of St James Christmas Carols Concert on Tuesday night, where Chezza appeared to show off a sizeable ‘bump’.

The 33-year-old didn’t seem too bothered about trying to hide her stomach, instead flaunting it in a fitted Alexander McQueen dress.

Cheryl and Liam Payne

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But while neither Cheryl nor Liam, 23, have spoken out about their potential ‘news’, someone close to them has.

Liam’s older sister Ruth Gibbins took to Twitter earlier today to hit back at the rumours – and she sounds pretty angry.

She ranted: ‘Bump or no bump,announced or not,it’s completely up to my brother and cheryl what parts of there private lives they choose to share and when [sic].’

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Ruth received plenty of support from One Direction fans, with replies including: ‘It’s their life they have a right to keep somethings private they don’t owe people an explanation,’ and: ‘Exactly it’s Liam and Cheryl’s life, not ours people need to stop interfering [sic].’

But others had a slightly different opinion.

One wrote: ‘I agree in one way but also think it’s silly not just saying especially when it’s so obvious she is pregnant.’

cheryl bump london

Hmm. Another person who agrees with this sentiment is Piers Morgan. The TV presenter – who famously interviewed Cheryl back in 2010 about her emotional malaria scare – claimed on Good Morning Britain yesterday that she’s ‘about to give birth’.

Of the new snaps, he said: ‘I think we can get past the is she or isn’t she. She’s about to give birth!

‘Congratulations Cheryl – but if you’re watching this, you can’t kid a kidder. You’re pregnant, get on with announcing it. We are very happy for you!’

Piers Morgan urged Cheryl to announce her pregnancy...

Piers Morgan urged Cheryl to announce her pregnancy…

Speculating that it’s all for attention, the presenter said: ‘It would be in their interest to string it out, so that we continue to be completely transfixed by the “is she or isn’t she?”, which is what we’ve been doing.

‘If you don’t do that and say you’re pregnant then bang, its end of story. The papers would cover it but there wouldn’t be anywhere near the excitement, it’s the mystery.’

He finished by adding: ‘I like Cheryl, I like Liam, they’re nice people. I think it’s a nice happy story and I can’t see any negatives!’

Us too.