The Public Are Saying The Same Thing About Prince Harry And Meghan’s Engagement

It seems as though we might have some disappointing news for you...

Nope. We’re not going to stop talking about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle anytime soon.

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We were already shipping them pretty hard. But then that engagement news was officially announced, and after seeing them interact with each other in their first ever joint interview – and we can’t not mention those candid moments that were captured when they thought the cameras weren’t rolling – we can see just how in love they really are.


But there’s one big question that many of us have been left pondering… Will we get a day off for the wedding?

It has been announced that they are to be married in May 2018, and if TRUE LOVE isn’t enough to sack off work and celebrate then we don’t know what is.

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Sadly, though, it seems as though the folks at Downing Street have put a little bit of a downer on the party. Yup, it’s been said that there are ‘no plans’ to declare this royal wedding day as a national holiday.

Prime Minister Theresa May’s official spokesman announced: ‘There are no plans for a Bank Holiday. There isn’t a precedent in this area.’

Despite this, the public have been calling for a day off, and it seems as though MPs are also backing the idea.

According to the Evening Standard, Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen has called for it, saying that it would be ‘great news for the economy and for tourism.’

And the reds seem to agree, with Labour MP John Woodcock tweeting that ‘only curmudgeons will be in the office anyway.’


We’ll be holding out hope for a change of heart. And picking out a hat…