Why Are People Calling This Video Of The Royal Kids ‘Creepy’?

Kensington Palace's latest video of Prince George and Princess Charlotte hasn't *quite* had the expected reaction...

We love Prince William and Kate Middleton, but it’s safe to say their children George and Charlotte totally stole the show in Canada.

The Royal tots joined their parents for a tour of British Columbia and Yukon last week, and we just can’t get over how flippin’ adorable they are.

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Prince George

We first saw George refuse to shake Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s hand (LOLz), then he acted in true toddler fashion by squishing his nose up against the glass of a seaplane.

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And can we just talk about those matching maroon outfits?!

Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte

But the pair’s cutest moments came when they attended a children’s party for military families on Thursday.

George, three, and one-year-old Charlotte seemed to have a brilliant time, blowing bubbles, playing with balloons and mingling with other kids.

And Kensington Palace clearly agreed, sharing a video of the event on its official Twitter page.

Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte

The family seemed to have a great time at the party

The clip showed a montage of the family’s day out, alongside the caption: ‘We have created such happy memories for our children during this visit #RoyalVisitCanada.’

Sweet, right? But unfortunately for the Royals, not everyone was particularly bowled over.

They seemed a little confused as to why the vid was in slow motion and had what appeared to be a dark filter over the top. They were also unsure about the Palace’s choice of music, which could be described as a little on the sombre side.

Tweets included: ‘Lovely family but the video is like a trailer to a creepy horror movie,’ and: ‘That was like an In Memoriam video. How weird.’

Others wrote: ‘Reminds me of The Omen. This video makes precious George look like freaking Damien!’ and: ‘This looks like the beginning of a new BBC crime series.’

Oh dear. Well, even if people weren’t fans of the video, it was still lovely to see the Royal kids enjoying themselves.

May we suggest a bit of Cliff Richard’s Summer Holiday for next time?!