The Royal Family May Have Already Published The New Baby’s Name By Mistake

Just a coincidence? You decide

From the editors of Marie Claire UK

Prince William and Kate Middleton are certainly making us play the waiting game when it comes to finding out the name of their third child.

Their new baby, a second son born on Monday, is still nameless as far as the public are concerned – despite the couple announcing Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s names two days after they were born.

However, royal enthusiasts reckon that the name has in fact already been revealed by accident.

Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed their third child on Monday

On the Royal Family’s official web page, there are specific pages about each member, including Prince Harry and the Duke of Cambridge, featuring biographies and details about their work.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte also have pages, but at the moment visiting ‘‘ or ‘princess-charlotte‘ takes you to a page reading ‘Access Denied – You are not authorized to access this page’.

Presumably the pages are ready for when the children are older and start carrying out public engagements, or their site biographies haven’t been written yet.

Stick with us, because here’s where things get interesting.

If you follow the same format with one of the bookies’ top choices for the new baby’s moniker, Prince Albert, you are given the same ‘Access Denied’ message.

Do the same thing with other favourites, like Prince Arthur, Prince Alexander or Prince James for example, and you just get ‘Page Not Found’. Head to the royal family’s website to see for yourself.

Coincidence? It does seem strange to have that page set up for no reason…

Or, you know, the Royal Family is just trolling us all. That’s also an option.