Royal Baby Update: Prince William Talks Baby Names!

Kate Middleton and Prince William revealed that they have yet to decide on a name for the royal baby as the proud couple stepped out for their first appearance with their newborn son on the steps of St Mary’s Hospital last night.

The royal couple emerged from the Paddington hospital shortly after 7:10pm last night looking ecstatic as they cradled their new baby son and showed the new Prince of Cambridge off to the world’s media.

Wearing matching blue outfits to honour the arrival of their little man, the Duke and Duchess admitted that despite 24 hours having passed since the birth of the royal baby, they still hadn’t settled on a name. “We’re still working on a name, we’ll have that as soon as we can”, new dad William told reporters.

Kate’s mum Carole, who was spotted visiting her daughter in hospital yesterday afternoon with husband Michael, was also quizzed about the little Prince’s new name. When asked how her visit went and whether she had suggested a name for the baby or not, the new grandmother replied: “Absolutely not! But thank you.”

George is still the current favourite for the royal baby name, but with Will’s mum Princess Diana and hubby Prince Charles taking a whole seven days to announce their baby son’s name, we have a feeling we could be waiting a little longer before the big baby name reveal…

By Robyn Munson

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