Royal Baby: Prince Charles Reveals Baby George’s Cute Nickname!

Kate Middleton and husband Prince William‘s baby boy has been given his first nickname by none other than smitten grandad Prince Charles, who’s been gushing about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s royal tot.

Speaking yesterday at the Whitstable Oyster Festival alongside wife Camilla, the 64-year-old royal revealed that the Kate and Will’s little one will be known as ‘Georgie’. Telling reporters that that George is “a very good name”, the Prince of Wales said: “He’ll be known as Georgie in no time.”

The new grandfather also added that he was “pleased as Punch” about the arrival of his first grandchild, and when asked what the baby Prince of Cambridge was like, Charles replied: “Oh, wonderful. Very loud, but wonderful.”

Everyone’s favourite royal rebel, Prince Harry, has also been piping up about his tiny new nephew’s impressive lung capacity. “When I saw him he was crying his eyes out like all babies do I suppose”, he said of meeting his brother Will’s newborn son for the first time, adding: “It’s fantastic to have another addition to the family”.

We have a feeling little George Alexander Louis is going to be a lively one. Move over Harry, there could be a new royal bad boy in town!

By Robyn Munson

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