Royal Baby George’s Hilarious Secret Nickname Revealed!

Royal baby George has reportedly been given a super cute new nickname by parents Kate Middleton and Prince William – although we’re not sure little Georgie will seeing the funny side once he’s older…

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will no doubt have been having a right royal laugh over their new moniker for their newborn son, who has just been blessed with his first official godparent (cute!). Because apparently, they’ve taken to calling him – wait for it – PG Tips. Oh you guysss.

Kate and Wills, who made their first official appearance together since George’s birth at the Anglesey Ring O’ Fire race last week, are said to have decided on the teabag-related nickname after friends kept jokingly using it. While Grandad Charles calling him Georgie is pretty cute, we’re not too sure about this one. Although we can imagine PG Tips spinning some pretty mean tunes on the decks…

Dad Will recently revealed his first son is already a bit of a “rascal”, despite 31-year-old Kate telling race-goers at the Anglesey marathon on Fridat: “He’s doing very well. He’s with granny at the moment. He’s sleeping well but I know these things suddenly change.”

Let’s just hope for his sake that teenage Tips also grows up to share his ‘rents hilarious sense of humour!

By Robyn Munson

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