Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Shows Why We Need To Get Real About Instagram

The model has spoken out about the number of attempts a social media picture can take. And there's one big reason why we're praising her...

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has just gone and proved to us why she’s a total babe.

We don’t mind admitting that we get lost in an Instagram hole every time we stumble across the supermodel’s page. But now, the mum-to-be has got candid about social media. And we’re applauding.

The 30-year-old has expressed her concerns about the effect that the world of social media might be having on beauty standards and the younger generation.

She has said: ‘[I worry about] young girls out there who are feeling insecure… and they see this image of a supermodel looking amazing, reclining on the beach in a completely unrealistic pose or environment.’

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In the new interview with Glamour, she continued: ‘I can see how that would make people not feel good about themselves.’

She added, ‘I can’t say that I’m immune to that. Sometimes I’m like, ‘F***!’ You know? That doesn’t make me feel great.’

Hear, hear.

She also admitted that sometimes it can take her 100 attempts to bag the right selfie to post to her account.

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Rosie explained how she manages the ‘perfect’ picture: ‘You need half-an-hour, you need great lighting and you need to be prepared to take about 100 pictures of yourself, edit through 100 pictures of yourself and filter them three times.’

So, not everything on social media is always as it seems…

Rosie H-W’s words have come at the perfect time, as we have been championing this very idea.

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