Rosie Fortescue Live Instagrams Her Dentist Trip

Rosie Fortescue is having a pretty tough week.

The Made In Chelsea lady, 25, had a painful visit to the dentist yesterday, where she had her wisdom teeth taken out. OUCH.

Unfortunately for the pretty brunette, it seems as though it was a slightly traumatic few hours.

> Rosie Fortescue was feeling a *little* less than glam


The drama began before Rosie had even got to the clinic. As if the thought of having her mouth drilled wasn’t enough, her mum’s car then broke down en route.

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Rosie shared the experience with her Instagram followers, posting a photo of two firemen pushing the vehicle (with its bonnet up) down the middle of a main road.

She captioned the image: ‘En route to hospital to get all my wisdom teeth out and my mums car breaks down and nearly on fire on the Kings Road #thiswouldonlyhappentome.’

> Rosie Fortescue had a car mare


Oh, Rosie :(.

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Despite this, it seems Rosie managed to get to the dentist on time.

She later shared a picture of herself with two very swollen lips, jokily telling fans: ‘Didn’t realise when you get all your wisdom teeth out they give you a lip job too #tryingtofindhumourinthefacticantfeelmyface.’

> Rosie Fortescue showed off her swollen lips


Blimey. Is that Rosie or Kylie Jenner?!

However, she wasn’t short of sympathy. She posted a snap of a gorgeous bunch of pink flowers, scribing: ‘Beautiful flowers… post wisdom tooth hell.’ Aw.

MIC viewers also gave their advice, with one commenting: ‘bit of good old fashioned swilling your mouth with salt water @rosiefortescue.’

> Rosie Fortescue received some beautiful flowers


She then revealed that she’s currently off foods – but has been treated to some tasty juices.

She continued: ‘Thank god for @fruveju helping me through post wisdom tooth extraction hell. Just about managing to swallow my favourite juices and get some nutrients in my body.’

> Rosie Fortescue will be living off juices for a little while


Get well soon, Rosie!