The New Disney Princess Film Is Dividing Opinion

Disney fans, we have some VERY exciting news for you… a new Disney Princess movie is being released!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the flick will be based on Snow White’s sister Rose Red. Yep, you heard us right. Snow White’s SISTER. Who knew, eh?

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If you’re a Disney buff, you’ll already know that Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs became Walt Disney Productions’ first full-length animated film when it was released in 1937.

This new offering – aptly entitled Rose Red – looks set to be a little different, having been slated as a live action feature.

Rose Red’s adventure apparently kicks off after Snow White bites into the poisoned apple


So what’s Rose Red‘s story?

Well, apparently the movie will see her going on a ‘dangerous quest’ with the seven dwarves to try and break the Sleeping Death curse cast upon her sibling. Ooh.

Disney had no immediate comment on the reports – but fans definitely did. Uh-oh. Let us explain…

Rose Red is a character that appeared in Grimms’ fairytales, just like Snow White. However, her story actually has no relation to the Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs that we know and love.

Instead, she appears in the 17th century fairytale Snow-White And Rose-Red, which sees her and her sister (not the same Snow White) befriend a bear.

Rose Red isn’t actually featured in the story that inspired Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs



Rose Red is absent from the German authors’ unrelated 1812 story Snow White, on which Disney’s animated film is based and which features a different heroine. 

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Tweets on the subject include: ‘Everything about this is wrong,’ and: ‘Dear Disney, ‘Snow White,’ and ‘Snow White and Rose Red’ are two separate stories. You can’t just slam them together and pretend it works.’

Eek. But TBH, any film that includes Disney AND a tough-ass heroine is a winner in our eyes. So we can’t wait.