Are Ronnie And Roxy Mitchell About To Be Killed Off On EastEnders?

Actresses Samantha Womack and Rita Simons have announced they're leaving, and the rumour mill is in *overdrive*...

When fiery sisters Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell strutted into EastEnders all the way back in 2007, we could tell they were going to bring a whole lot of trouble.

But after nine years of dramatic storylines, actresses Rita Simons and Samantha Womack have both announced they’re quitting the soap. Nooo.

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However, fear not, because the ladies aren’t about to go quietly…

Rita Simons and Samantha Womack

Rita Simons and Samantha Womack have had their fair share of dramatic storylines over the years

There have been catfights, affairs, and even a baby snatching over the years – and their exit looks to be JUST as dramatic.

Yup, in typical Mitchell style, it’s reported that the popular siblings are going to face a rather explosive end, during a sensational action-packed New Year’s Eve special.

We’re already excited, although we’ll be gutted to say goodbye.

Apparently, some of the cast are just as upset about their upcoming deaths. In fact, it’s been reported that the decision to kill them off has caused a major upset on set.

Samantha Womack

Samantha Womack has played Ronnie Mitchell since 2007

According to The Sun, Rita (Roxy) and Samantha (Ronnie) are devastated as they ‘hoped the door would be left open’, but new producer Sean O’Connor has scuppered their plans to return to Albert Square in future.

A source told the newspaper: ‘Everyone’s in shock. The cast are really upset as it’s come out of the blue.

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‘People are worried who’s going to be next. The script for Roxy and Ronnie’s deaths has been written, but none of the actors know what’s going to happen.’

Rita Simons

Rita Simons is a household favourite as Roxy Mitchell

However, EastEnders has been quick to quash any rumours of upset on set, with a spokesperson saying: ‘We know how much our audience hate to have any future storylines spoilt so we will not comment on speculative stories.

‘At no point have we received any concerns from the cast about any of our future storylines.’

Well that settles that then.

We guess we’ll just have to wait until NYE to see how Ronnie and Roxy say farewell. Prepare to spend the whole evening with a cushion over your face…

By Naomi Bartram