Rochelle Humes’ Sex Accident Ends In Trip To A&E

The SaturdaysRochelle Humes has been accidentally oversharing about her sex life, revealing live on Capital FM how a steamy sex act with hubby Marvin once landed her in hospital!

When leggy Lisa Snowdon quizzed the glam girls over their saucy antics, asking if they had ever “sustained an injury during special cuddles”, Rochelle confessed: “I have! I went to A&E over this!”


“I remember her calling me about this,” bandmate Mollie King chipped in. “And I was like, ‘How do I know what to do?'”

“You’re telling me our friend, DJ Marvin Humes, has injured my second favourite member of the Saturdays,” said Lisa’s cheeky co-host Dave Berry, who was desperate to get all the goss.



“Was it a household object?” he asked a clearly mortified Mrs Humes. “Certainly not,” the mum-of-one replied.

“Was it something you bought in an adult shop?” Lisa chuckled. “Did you pull a muscle or is it much worse?”

Finally caving to all the ballsy questioning, a flustered Rochelle revealed it was her eye that was victim to Marvin’s racy antics before cringing with embarrassment.

“This is where he works now, I can’t be having this sort of conversation. I hate you all!” 

Oh Roch, everyone knows the first rule of sex-related A&E trips is that you NEVER talk about sex-related A&E trips…

By Claire Blackmore


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