Rochelle Humes Reveals How Marvin First Wooed Her

Rochelle Humes and Marvin Humes are hands down one of pop’s cutest couples – but have you ever wondered how they got together?

Well, thanks to the nostalgic The Saturdays star, we’ve now got a sneaky insight into how she was first seduced by her boyband lover… 

Posting a snap on Instagram of the JLS hunk’s retro magazine interview from back in the day, Rochelle had a good old chuckle with her fans over Marvin’s not-so-subtle tactics when it came to getting her attention.

Captioning the vintage clipping: ‘Liberty!!!!’, Rochelle revealed a young Marvin’s hilarious answer to that all-important ‘Celebrity Crush?’ question.

‘The mixed race one from The Saturdays’, read the dad-of-one’s, er, romantic scrawl.

While it’s not the most personal declarations of love we’ve ever heard, Marv’s flirting tactics clearly worked on the fresh-faced The Sats star as just a couple of years later, Rochelle Wiseman became Mrs Humes, baby Alaia-Mai was born and they all lived happily ever after.

But boys, just for future reference – learning a girl’s name first is always a good start.

By Robyn Muns


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