Rochelle Humes Is Forced To Apologise To Lorraine Viewers… Again

The 28-year-old hasn't had the best luck hosting the show so far this week

Fast And Furious star Jordana Brewster got Rochelle Humes into a bit of trouble on today’s Lorraine… just one day after Bridget Jones author Helen Fielding did the EXACT same thing.

As Rochelle, 28 – who’s covering for host Lorraine Kelly this week – interviewed Jordana, she accidentally swore live on air. Eeep.

The actress was discussing her three-year-old son Julian, and admitted that he sometimes gets a bit ‘p***ed off’ when she has to leave for filming.

Rochelle began awkwardly laughing as she interjected: ‘We just have to apologise for the language there, again.’

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And annoyingly for the mum-of-two, she had to deal with an almost identical situation just the day before.

As Bridget Jones author Helen described Hugh Grant’s character Daniel Cleaver, she suddenly exclaimed: ‘And Daniel Cleaver was the sexy b*****d.’

Helen Fielding has said Bridget Jones the musical is likely on the cards and we can't wait 🙋

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Again, Rochelle had to hastily apologise to the viewers of the early morning show. She said: ‘I’ll just quickly apologise for the language and if anybody was offended. We’re very early, we’re very early Helen!’

Helen also apologised for her brief use of profanity.

Viewers have since taken to Twitter to share their opinions on the two mishaps. One clearly felt sorry for Rochelle, Tweeting: ‘Oh dear poor @RochelleHumes looks like her guests enjoy swearing while with her,twice in a row,poor Rochelle #lorraine [sic].’

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Others just found the slip-ups rather funny, with messages including: ‘I’ve only watched Lorraine for 2 days and poor Rochelle has had to apologise twice for swearing guests.’

Another praised the interview between Rochelle and Jordana for its entertainment value: ‘Best Lorraine interview I have ever seen. Keep swearing gal!’

However, there were a few that weren’t so impressed. One Tweeter lashed out: ‘Not that I’m offending by swearing but surely people are aware they are on TV at 8.45am and probably shouldn’t!! #lorraine.’

Fingers crossed that the rest of the week goes a bit smoother for Rochelle, eh?

By Emily Jefferies