Rochelle Humes Lets Alaia-Mai Help With Her Make-Up

The SaturdaysRochelle Humes has a new admirer to cast apprecative glances at her perfectly preened visage (and no Marvin, it’s not you) – her gorgeous baby girl, Alaia-Mai.

The 24-year-old singer revealed that her tiny daughter is a typical girly girl already by sharing a snap of four-month-old Alaia-Mai watching her apply her morning slap.

“Loves watching Mumma doing her makeup”,┬áRochelle captioned the image.

Little Alaia’s clearly keen to follow in her glamorous pop star mum’s footsteps – as well as stealing beauty tips, she’s also been hanging out at The Saturdays’ recording studio watching mummy make music. All in a day’s work for a showbiz baby…

We love seeing Rochelle and Alaia-Mai enjoy some girls only bonding time, especially with dad Marvin Humes constantly attempting to hog her all for himself!

There’s nothing like a good ol’ natter about lippy and liner to scare off the boys, eh ladies?

By Robyn Munson

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