Rochelle Humes Asks Fans For Help With A Tricky Parenting Decision

The Saturdays singer wanted help with breaking the news to 3-year-old daughter Alaia that her goldfish had died...

Being a parent isn’t easy – but the beauty about being a celebrity is that you have thousands of fans on hand to help you navigate your way through it.

And Rochelle Humes did just that when she called on her followers to help her with a difficult parenting decision at the weekend,

Rochelle and husband Marvin Humes share beautiful daughter Alaia, who’s now 3-years-old. But Roch faced a crisis when Alaia’s goldfish died.

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‘Parents – help!! Alaia’s goldfish has just passed 🙁 Do I tell her in the morning the truth (in a nice way) or is the fish on holiday?’ The Saturdays singer asked her 1 million followers on Twitter.

Rochelle then added: ‘She’s only 3, confused when is too young?!’.

It’s a real tricky one – at what age should parents really start introducing the idea of death?

rochelle humes alaia

Rochelle and Marvin share one daughter, Alaia, together…

Luckily, though, Rochelle and Marv’s fans were on hand to dish out plenty of advice.

‘We told our daughter at 3 also. She was fine and loved picking another ?’, said one fan.

‘Tell her truth. Ours died and we told them it had gone to fish heaven?’, another offered.

However, other fellow parents had different ideas. ‘Buy her an identical one! repeat as necessary, and maybe one day she’ll think the goldfish is immortal :O’, suggested a third.

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In the end, the singer plumped for the truth, and followed up with another tweet thanking her fans for their wise words.

‘We’ve gone for honesty. Thanks guys. Sometimes its hard to know the right thing to do when you just want to protect your little one ❤’, she tweeted.

Aw. This parenting malarkey is a constant learning curve, eh?