Robin Williams: His Greatest Quotes

Robin Williams, the much-loved Hollywood star, has left behind a legacy of big characters, including the loveable blue sidekick in DIsney’s Aladdin.

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As children we remember packing into those cinema seats and being completely blown away by the larger than life character, although we wouldn’t fully understand how important the man behind the voice would be until years later.

As a comedy actor, Robin Williams would often ad-lib his roles, breathing real life into his on-screen characters. We fondly recall his off-the-cuff one liners and hilarious range of voice overs (surely we all remember the scene in Mrs Doubtfire when he’s playing around with the toy dinosaurs?)

As a celebration of his life, we look back over some of the greatest quotes, from his iconic film roles to his personal mantras. 

1. “No matter what anyone else says, you’ll always be a prince to me.” – Aladdin’s Genie

Genie taught young audiences everywhere the importance of true friendship and family.

Genie didn’t care if Aladdin was living on the streets or mixing with royalty in the Sultan’s palace, he stuck by him through thick and thin.

2. “You ain’t never had a friend like me!” – Aladdin’s Genie

And the audience agreed, Robin.  

 3. “Oh, to be free! To be my own master. Such a thing would be greater than all the magic and all the treasures in all the world!” – Aladdin’s Genie

Never take anything for granted. 

4. “When I first met David Beckham, I didn’t know whether to shake his hand or lick his face.” – Robin Williams


We’d probably choose the latter too. 

5. “You’re only given a little spark of madness, you mustn’t lose it.” – Robin Williams



6. “Why do they call it rush hour when nothing moves?” – Alan Parish, Jumanji


And we could never look at a motorway in the same way again. 

7. Mrs Doubtfire: “He was quite fond of the drink. It was the drink that killed him.”
Miranda: “How awful. He was an alcoholic?”
Mrs Doubtfire: “No, he was hit by a Guinness truck.”


Dude looks like a lady. 

8. “No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” – Robin Williams


By Laura Jane Turner