Robert Pattinson’s Steamy Dior Ad: Read All The Details!

Robert Pattinson‘s Dior campaign has already got everyone in the LOOK office hot under the collar, and we’ve not even seen the final pics yet. Details of the sexy ads are starting to circulate and it sounds like it’ll be the steamiest fashion shoot of Rob’s career. Yay!

It’s thought that the Dior campaign will be launched online and on billboards from May/June time and some are even saying it’s too hot to appear on TV. Eek. 

According to Life & Style magazine, Rob appears shirtless in the ads “while simulating a foursome with three hot blonde models”.

The US mag also claims that Rob wears a Dior jacket while chasing a model around town, and in another scene can be seen “making out” with her and “giving her a blow back with a cigarette”. 

An insider adds: “It’s one of the most eagerly awaited adverts in years. Kristen has no idea what she’s in for.” Yikes. We can’t say we’ll be too happy about seeing Rob snog a hot model, but seeing him topless will certainly make up for it. A ‘sexually explicit’ video will be released in the next few weeks to promote the £8million campaign. 

We have never been so excited!

By Rebecca Martin, 5th April 2013

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