Robert Pattinson Wants ‘Cosmopolis’ To Top Batman!

Robert Pattinson was coy about the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart last night, but one thing he did want to talk about was the US release of Cosmopolis.

The movie came out in the UK back in the spring, but American audiences are getting their first glimpse now, and Rob wants it to do better than Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises. That film scored the third highest opening box office weekend of all time so he’s definitely setting his sights very high!

Rob told Jon: “There is one thing, if any Twilight fans are tuned in. I genuinely want to make Cosmopolis have a bigger opening weekend than The Dark Knight Rises. But it’s only released in six cinemas so it’s going to be a challenge. Just buy eight tickets each!”

Great plan, Rob! BS