Robert Pattinson To Model For Dior Campaign?

Robert Pattinson‘s gorgeous face could be gracing a bunch of Dior ads and billboards if latest rumours are to be believed. The Twilight actor is said to have signed a huge £8 million to front the fashion house’s new campaign.

Late last year, it was reported that Rob had been signed by the brand to promote a Dior men’s fragrance, but neither Dior, or Rob’s people confirmed the news. Interesting…

Today, The Sun reports that Rob has already shot a campaign, for Dior menswear – not cologne – and informs us that the ads are REALLY sexy. Oh goody.

A source tells the paper: “The advert is sexually explicit. It is pushing the boundaries of what you can get away with in advertising. Robert is topless for part of it and kissing one of the [three] models with tongues. He really gets stuck in.” 

*Faints on keyboard*

The source adds: “There’s another scene where he takes part in a foursome in various states of undress, although it’s not clear whether those scenes will make the final cut. According to the people on set, he didn’t take much persuading to get into the role. He got stuck right in.” 

Ooh, Kristen Stewart‘s not going to like this! The ads will be unveiled in May and we can’t wait to see if they’re as raunchy as The Sun claims. 

Now, where were we when they auditioned those models?! RM