Robert Pattinson Soaks Chat Show Host Jimmy Fallon Live On TV

Robert Pattinson has made no secret of the fact that he doesn’t like doing interviews, but we think that pouring glasses of water over chat show host Jimmy Fallon is taking his dislike a step too far!

When we first saw these snaps of Robert Pattinson soaking Jimmy, we thought the presenter might have grilled Rob on his relationship with Kristen Stewart, and Rob had reacted by chucking his beverage all over him.

But it turns out, it was all just a silly game called ‘Water Wars’ set up by the show’s production team. Phew!

The concept of the game is throw glasses of water in each other’s faces… umm, for fun. It sounds ridiculous, but let’s be honest – ANY game involving Robert Pattinson is going to be fun.

Both stars got completely drenched, with Rob looking like he’d stepped out of a cheesy boyband video!

As a result, Rob said Jimmy’s was his “favourite talk show in America”. Really? Pop over to the LOOK office, Rob – we’d be happy to give you a shower anytime! RM