Robert Pattinson Reads ‘Addictive’ Press About Himself

Robert Pattinson news is everywhere at the moment, since he arrived in Australia this weekend and has embarked on promotion for Breaking Dawn: Part 2, away from his girlfriend, Kristen Stewart.

In a new interview, Rob confessed that he’s reading the press about himself at the moment, telling The Age:

“When you’re promoting something, it’s weird; it’s like a strange sort of addiction. If people were whispering about you in the next room you probably want to know what they’re saying, but really you’ll always regret it because they’re probably talking s**t about you. 

“It’s this weird thing. You only do it if you’re feeling bad, and want to make yourself feel worse. If you’re feeling good you never look at it. Basically, yes [I am looking at it now]. I try and avoid it, because it doesn’t really make any difference. I mean you think it does for a minute but everyone forgets really quick.”

We are LOVING these new pics of him in Sydney – doesn’t he look gorgeous? BS