Robert Pattinson Reads About Himself… And Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson has confessed he hasn’t been able to stop reading all the press about him and his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart.

He’s stayed pretty quiet about his personal life, since she had an affair with director Rupert Sanders and publicly apologised to Robert… besides confirming that he’s okay.

Now, he’s reportedly confirmed to the Columbus Dispatch that he can’t stop reading stories about himself – just like the rest of us!

Rob told them:  ‘Yeah, I read it. It’s my life. You sort of want to read it. You feel like you need to read it… It’s one of those things where you keep picking a scab. You know you shouldn’t be doing it, but it’s a weird kind of addiction. You desperately want to stop.”

Before you worry he’s depressing himself by reading about Kristen‘s affair, Rob did admit that he’s able to laugh at all the attention. That’s a relief! BS