Robert Pattinson Moves Out Of Kristen Stewart’s LA Home

Robert Pattinson has packed his bags and moved out of the home he shares with Kristen Stewart in Los Angeles.

In a series of pictures leaked online today, The Rover actor can be seen packing his suitcases, bags, his mountain bike (bless) and two dogs into his bright red pick-up truck and speeding away from the couple’s Loz Feliz home. 

The pictures come amid reports that the Twilight pair have finally called time on their relationship after another falling out, this time over Rob’s birthday. The pair seemed closer than ever when Rob returned to the US following two months filming in Australia, and the pair even attended the Coachella Music Festival together

But sources told People this week: “It was very strange that they didn’t celebrate Rob’s birthday together. He had friends over at his house, but Kristen was not part of the celebration. For the past few days, they have not spent any time together.” No wonder he’s moved out. 

If you and your pups need somewhere to crash, Rob – just give us a call, yeah? 

By Rebecca Martin, 21st May 2013

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