Robert Pattinson Leaves K-Stew “Betrayed” By Katy Perry Friendship

Robert Pattinson has reportedly left ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart feeling “betrayed” over his blossoming bond with her friend, 28-year-old singer Katy Perry.

According to MailOnline, K-Stew is feeling “incredibly down right now and betrayed” at the suggestion that her ex and her close pal Perry may be more than just friends, and the Twilight actress is now said to have cut all ties with the singer. “Kristen is in a certain state of denial”, the source reveals. “She can’t let go of Rob or get over him. She keeps trying to contact Robert and find out what he is doing but her attempts to see Rob have been rebuffed. Rob is not responding to her.”

Ever since the Cosmopolis actor split from Kristen last month, Rob and Katy have been spotted hanging out together more often than usual, with the friendly pair last spotted attending a Bjork concert in LA together.

The source adds that Kristen may even be attempting to hang onto her co-star ex by mirroring his career choices, with the 23-year-old’s latest project sounding suspiciously similar to Rob’s upcoming war movie, Mission Blacklist. “Rob’s camp was surprised to hear Kristen had signed onto another war on terror movie, Camp X-Ray, about a female soldier stationed in Guantanamo Bay which she will film late summer”, the insider says. “Rob is convinced Kristen is now trying to duplicate his film choices with Camp X-Ray.”

Eek. This tricky friendship triangle is getting more complicated by the day…

By Robyn Munson

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