Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Living Together In LA?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart‘s relationship appears to be back on track – according to new reports, the Twilight hotties have moved in together!

A source tells “Rob is living at Kristen’s. He considers it his home, Kristen’s there, their dogs are there and most of his stuff is there – that is whatever is most important to him. He considers Kristen’s home, his home too. I guess his home is where is heart is. And right from the get go Kristen made it clear that it was also his home.”

We almost fell off our desk chairs in shock this week when a fan tweeted a picture of the showbiz couple reunited in LA. Rob returned from his two-month stint filming The Rover in Australia and rushed straight into the arms of his girlfriend at a karaoke bar in Los Angeles.

They’ve also been spotted hanging out with their mutual pal Katy Perry at an intimate dinner to celebrate her assistant’s birthday – and it sounds like this won’t be the last we see of them. The source adds: “They have been inseparable since Rob’s gotten back. I think the distance did them good. Rob isn’t showing any signs of needing any sort of space from Kristen, that’s for sure.” 

Aaaah. Check out Rob and Kristen’s relationship highs and lows in our gallery. RM