Robert Pattinson: “I Won’t Sell My Private Life”

Robert Pattinson is on a roll with interviews at the moment, and every journalist is asking him about Kristen Stewart‘s affair. This morning, he appeared on US breakfast show Good Morning America to promote Cosmopolis, and said he’s not an actor who likes to make his private life public:

“You go into it to do movies. I’m never been interested in trying to sell my personal life. The reason why you go onto TV is to promote movies.”

Rob’s also a bit confused why everyone’s SO interested in what he has to say:

“The weird thing is, I can’t really tell what’s interesting about actors either. People don’t find the personal lives of people with much, much more power than many celebrities would have – they don’t find their personal lives interesting. I think if you put the lives of people who control billions of dollars on the front pages of every single paper, I think the world would be a better place… The spin culture, if you took away publicists and people spoke for themselves, they’d have to be responsible for their words.”

We assure you, Rob, you’re VERY¬†interesting to us – we’re still wondering if he and Kristen will both appear at the VMAs! BS