Robert Pattinson Fan Tweets Picture of The Star In Australia

Robert Pattinson has been hiding away in Australia filming his latest movie, The Rover – but lucky for us – a fan has caught up with him for a quick chat in Adelaide.

Superfan Trance Tyler tweeted how he was watching Rob on set when he got talking to the actor.

He said: “Sitting on the footpath watching Robert Pattinson and his crew film his new film The Rover. Got pictures with Robert Pattinson, he was drinking a beer and we had a chat with him for about 30 minutes!  

“He is so down to earth. Rob asked that we keep [the pictures] off the [internet] for a few weeks to help against the [paparazzi] sorry. He asked me not too post them.”

Now, we have to forgive Trance for what happened next, because in the same situation, we’d have done exactly the same thing.

The fan’s Twitter followers accused him of telling fibs, so in an attempt to prove his story, he defied Rob and shared a picture of his sister without he star. Eek.  

He said: “Okay, I’ll post one [photo] with him and my sister just to prove it to you guys. OK, the Rob thing is getting a little out of hand. Please calm down, people. He is filming his new film The Rover in the town I live in, in Australia.  

“The other night, me, my mum and sister were walking home from the pub and ran into him out the front, eating and having A beer. We stopped and chatted and got two pictures with him.   

“He asked us to try and keep them off of [Facebook] to not cause issues with the [paparazzi]. So I’ve posted a picture to prove it and that’s it haha, they are filming for three nights in the main street.” 

A main street in Adelaide, eh? *Consults map, books flight, charges camera*

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