Robert Pattinson Dodges MORE Kristen Stewart Questions

Robert Pattinson has managed to escape more questions about his ex, Kristen Stewart in another awkward interview on US TV. But this time, he’s spoken about why he thinks the world is obsessed with his love life.

Speaking to TimesTalks, he said: “I think it’s because America really wants to have a royal family. You want to have a democratic royal family. It’s a meritocratic version of it, sort of, actually, no it’s not at all.” 

Baffled by Robert’s remarks, the interviewer David Carr replied: “So if you and Kristen have trouble, it’s like Charles and Di having trouble…”.

His comment was met with a chorus of boos from the audience, while Rob muttered that he “wouldn’t go that far” before laughing and shuffling in his seat some more.

Rob has been busy promoting his latest movie Cosmopolis in New York with director David Cronenberg. He’s been offered plenty of opportunities to talk about Kristen, but is keeping his lips sealed. What a gent! RM