Robert Pattinson Discusses How He And Kristen Stewart Have Changed

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart‘s relationship status is something we’re all talking about the moment, though Kristen is flying solo in Paris for Fashion Week today.

Before Kristen‘s affair was revealed, however, the pair did an interview with Total Film for the upcoming release of Breaking Dawn Part 2, in which they discussed how they’ve changed since starting filming on the first Twilight movie.

Kristen says that Rob has become “ridiculously ambitious” since the Saga started, and Rob says:

“I think I want to be… The difference between me and Kristen is that she can do a day of work and at the end of the day be like, ‘I did the absolute best I could. Satisfied.’ Whereas I don’t think I’ve ever had that day in my life. I always go home irritated and want to fix it the next day. I don’t know who has the bigger ego in that case. Whether hers is bigger because she thinks what she did is fine, or whether mine’s bigger because I think I’m so great it’s never going to be good enough.”

Taylor Lautner interestingly answers the same question too:

“Myself, Rob and Kristen have grown up a lot. But they’re the same people they were four years ago. They’re not affected by this. I hope they’d say the same about me.”

We’re still hoping that the trio promote the film when it comes out in November. Will Kristen and Rob hit the red carpet together? Time will tell… BS