Robbie Williams Stops Traffic In London With ‘Mobot’!

Robbie Williams has been causing a commotion in Spitalfields Market in London today as he films his new music video.

We love a man in a pink suit, but even more – we love a man who can do the ‘mobot’!

Fans started flocking to see Robbie dancing in the street when onlookers tweeted pictures of the singer paying tribute to the famous Olympians. Not only has he been doing Mo Farrah’s famous ‘mobot’ move, he’s also been mimicking Usain Bolt.

Yesterday he tweeted a picture of his buff bod as he prepared for the shoot. We’re not too sure what the storyline entails or what video it’s for – but boy is it funny seeing Rob play up to the cameras!

We just need 5.30pm to hurry up so we can leave work and join him! RM