Robbie Williams Reveals All On His Sex Tape!

Robbie Williams has revealed he once made a sex tape. You might want to sit down to read this…

Talking to GQ magazine, the 38-year-old singer explained how his only regret is that he didn’t make more. He said: “I think I was videoed once but it didn’t work. It had been set up. I was obviously glad that it didn’t work because it involved copious amounts of cocaine.

“Right now, being married for so long, if I could go back in time I’d have done a couple of sex tapes, I think.” Lordy, we’re blushing!

Robbie also spoke about how much he loves his wife Ayda Field, who is pregnant with their first child, a little girl. He said: “You know there’s so much positive stuff going with the two of us; she’s really kind and attentive and wants the best for people and wants to help them.”

Aww. You might not want to mention the sex tapes to her though, Rob…

Robbie’s new album, Take The Crown, is released on 5th November.