How Rob Kardashian Found Out About Kim Kardashian’s Robbery In Paris

This must have been tough for the Kardashian family member...

With all of the drama surrounding Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s baby shower, it was nice to see that Kim Kardashian West FaceTimed her brother to send them her best wishes from Paris.

The reality star shared her call on Snapchat, but little did she know at the time that she was about to experience something awful.

We now know that, just hours later, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star would be ‘tied up’ and robbed at gunpoint.

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Since news of the ordeal broke, E! News have revealed that Rob and Chyna’s baby shower was still going on at the time of the robbery, with the couple finding out about the crime during their celebrations.

A source allegedly told the publication: ‘Everyone at the baby shower had turned off their phones, but a few people were checking every so often.

‘One of the guests saw an alert about what had happened and told Rob.’


According to the report, Kim’s brother was understandably ‘very concerned’, says a source, and the father-to-be ‘started to make calls to his family to find out if everyone was okay.’

He was reportedly trying to get hold of his sister and his mum, Kris Jenner.

It’s unclear who he managed to speak to, but it seems that Rob did manage to get word that Kim Kardashian was unharmed.

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The source added: ‘They were both extremely shaken up and upset by everything, but once they discovered that Kim wasn’t hurt they calmed down.’

They continued to E! News: ‘It was a terrifying moment for the two of them. They were so worried about Kim.’

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim has since been spotted in New York with husband Kanye (and without her engagement ring)

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A representative for the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star later issued a public statement to confirm that she was ‘badly shaken but physically unharmed.’

She then flew back to America to be reunited with her husband Kanye West, after filing a police report to the French authorities.

They are reportedly now leading an investigation into the crime.