Um, Is Blac Chyna Rob Kardashian’s Wife Now?

Er, hold up. Did Rob Kardashian just get married?!

Exactly two weeks ago, the 29-year-old reality TV star got engaged to Blac Chyna, which was enough of a surprise on its own.

Since then, there’s no denying that the couple have been looking super loved up, with Rob even buying Chyna a brand new £200,000 purple Huracan Lamborghini and posting the photos on social media for all to see.

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rob kardashian blac chyna Rob and Blac Chyna got engaged two weeks ago…


But this morning, the whole of Instagram was thrown into confusion when Rob posted a photo of his lady with the oddest caption.

‘My beautiful wife’, he wrote.

Now, perhaps Rob was simply using Chyna’s future name a little prematurely – it’s easy to get swept up in all of that weddding excitement, no?

rob kardashian blac chyna The selfie that sparked a thousand wedding guesses…


But there’s another explanation. That Rob and Blac Chyna have got married in secret and have just announced it via a pouting Instagram selfie of the bride. Hmm.

And Rob’s fans seemed just as confused as the rest of us. Comments like ‘Wait what?’ and ‘Are you married??’ quickly filled up the comments section, whilst one fan seemed to know all about the secret nuptials.

‘They got married Sunday in st martin’, they wrote. Crikey. That’s some serious knowledge right there…

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rob kardashian blac chyna car Rob has just bought Chyna a £200,000 car


Chyna also posted a photo of herself in the same red bikini yesterday and wrote: ‘Today was a fun day’, although the snaps she posted around the same time simply showed her and a group of pals having fun at a pool party….

…And NOT of a wedding.

There’s been no word from any of the rest of the Kardashians, so we guess this one will remain a mystery for now.

rob kardashian blac chyna ring Here’s the whopper of an engagement ring that Rob used to propose…