Rita Ora, Is That You?! Star Posts Picture Of Herself As A Teen

Rita Ora has proved that even before the bleach blonde locks and pillarbox pout, she was a total stunner.

Posting the caption “HA…little Rita” on Instagram, the Serbian-born beauty gave us a glimpse of her pre-showbiz self by uploading this candid shot of herself as a fresh faced teenager. It’s not known exactly how old the Radioactive singer was when the photo was taken, but one thing’s for sure – we never looked that good in our younger years.

Rocking a mane of tumbling, mermaid-like brunette curls and insanely flawless make-up free complexion as she poses with her head on her hand infront of a lake, Rita showed it’s not just the eclectic outfits, in-your-face accessories and bold face paint that make this star stand out.

There’s no denying Rita’s an absolute babe now (something boyfriend Calvin Harris would definitely agree with), but we’re pretty blown away by Ora au naturel, too. Calv, you’re a lucky man.

By Robyn Munson, 29th May 2013

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