Rita Ora: Her Most Awesome Interview Yet

Rita Ora – just how awesome is this woman? Answer: Very. We’ve loved her since her humungous catapult to fame in 2012 when her debut album Ora (which yes we still pretty much play daily) was released. Since then she’s released her own shoe collection, had a cameo in the hottest film (50 Shades) and been such an awesome judge on The Voice that Simon Cowell pretty much had to nab her for himself. As she prepares for round one of X Factor auditions she’s also been chatting about the lessons she’s learned along the way… And it makes us love her all the more for it. Check them out and make ‘What Would Rita Do?’ your new mantra…

Always Listen To Your Mum

“Not everyone will wish you well, but those that do will have more power than those that don’t”.

We love how Rita always listens to her mum’s advice.  And how could you not when she says gems like this!  No wonder her famous friends include Jay Z, Madonna and movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. 

> Rita Ora is a girl’s girl who refuses to be jealous of Taylor Swift


Support Other Women

“I’m a girl’s girl.  I’m not going to have that first instinct of jealousy vibe.”

With Taylor Swift dating her ex-Calvin Harris, Rita shows no sign of jealousy, proving to us that supporting other women is just as easy as 1-2-3 – even if they’re dating your ex. 


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Take a Moment to Breathe

“It scared the living shit out of me [her panic attack].  I started to value things, see things differently.  This world can really eat you up and you can forget who you are.”

No matter who you are or what you do, we’ll all prone to a bit of anxiety.  After suffering a panic attack on a shoot in November 2013, Rita took some time to re-evaluate and relax.  We could all use a breather once in a while…

> Rita Ora and her fellow X Factor judges Nick Grimshaw and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini


Always have a Set Goal

“[My goal is] To care about the right things.  Focus on my new album.  Pick my battles.  Go with my instincts professionally.  And personally, whether I have 50 boyfriends in a year or one boyfriend in five years.”

Right now, even amidst all her success, Rita is constantly looking to improve herself.  Even when you’re at the top, you should always try and be a better person.  Sound advice.

Live a Little, Make Mistakes

“I’m 24.  I’m not meant to know what I’m doing all the time.”

At such a young age, Rita has realised that nobody can be perfect. In the end, we all make mistakes, so learn from them and do your best!  Rita would be proud.

By Norlisa Hanlon Rosslee