Rita Ora Gets Caught Up In Beyoncé’s Lemonade Drama

Days after Beyoncé brought Lemonade into the world, we’re still no closer to understanding what those lyrics ACTUALLY mean.

Rumours still continue to swirl around the internet that Jay Z allegedly cheated on Beyoncé.

With Bey’s new music containing themes like the line, ‘Are you cheating on me?’, everyone’s minds are reeling.

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But Queen B’s biggest fans, known as the Beyhive, are still on the hunt for the mysterious ‘Becky’ who, if you remember, has the ‘good hair’. Social media seems to have decided that this lyric references an ‘other woman’.

Fans, who were focused on fashion designer Rachel Roy over the weekend, appear to have turned their attention to Rita Ora instead.

Image: Rita Ora’s Snapchat


Bey’s fans pointed the finger at the X Factor judge after one of her Snapchat photos went viral, having been spotted by eagle-eyed followers. 

The picture, which was reportedly posted just days before Beyoncé released her visual album and has been shared all over the internet, appears to show Rita posing in a sheer bralette, which featured two embroided lemons. Are you noticing a theme here?

That’s not all. The blonde singer rocked a necklace which appeared to show the letter ‘J’. Hmmm.


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Of course, this could have been a TOTAL coincidence.

And, in fact, many have since pointed out that her bling incorporates an ‘R’, which is reversed in true selfie-style to look more like a ‘J’.

But that didn’t stop fans from flocking to Rita’s Instagram page, flooding her comment boxes with both lemon and bee emojis.

And then, Rita Ora went and stirred the honey pot EVEN MORE.

The Hot Right Now star has updated her feed with a picture of the Ash Wednesday film poster. Yup, the ’70s flick tells the story of a woman who feels she might be losing her husband.

Many have taken this as a sign that Rita’s sending Bey a message, with comments including: ‘…she did shade Beyonce. This movie is about a wife who’s trying to save her marriage to desperate means’ and ‘Get that J necklace off’ [sic].

This just keeps getting crazier…