Rita Ora And Cara Delevingne Fight At Fashion Show?

Rita Ora and ‘wifey’ Cara Delevingne may be about to call in their divorce lawyers after the pair reportedly had a huge bust up at a fashion show and haven’t spoke since… Eek!

According to The Mirror, the famous BFFs fell out after Rita‘s DKNY performance in London, during which model (and aspiring singer) Cara hijacked the stage during her friend’s performance to flex her vocal talents.

“There’s a lot of hurt on both sides but Rita’s been working towards her singing career and carefully crafting her image for four years and it was all in danger of being a joke after that shabby performance”, an insider told the newspaper. “Rita’s been advised to distance herself from the model.”

The previously inseperable party pals haven’t been pictured together since, and even more tellingly, haven’t uttered a peep about their overpowering love for each other on Twitter or Instagram.

Singer Rita, who is dating DJ Calvin Harris, even openly christened her designer chum Stella McCartney “my new wife” in a recent tweet. Miaow!

Adding fuel to the feud fire is the fact that despite both rocking up to Glastonbury last month, Rita and Cara appeared to have kept their distance throughout the festival, with not even a single Instagrammed Jagerbomb shared between the former pals.

20-year-old Cara even shunned Wireless at the weekend, where her popstar bestie Rita was performing, to instead hang out with new BFF Rihanna on her yacht in Monte Carlo. Eek! Something’s definitely up…

With Miss D gearing up for her massive 21st birthday bash in Ibiza next month, we’re wondering if Rita will even make the gueslist at this rate.

Come on girls, kiss and make up. We miss our favourite d-floor dominating duo already!

By Robyn Munson

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