Rita Ora And Calvin Harris: Are They Dating?

Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne might be best buddies, but it looks like Cara’s ‘wifey’ has just bagged herself a new boyfriend in the form of superstar DJ and producer Calvin Harris.

Word on the street is that the pair have been hooking up in secret, and the intimate pic Calvin posted of Rita suggests the street may be right. The snap of Rita looking cute on the airport runway was captioned “You again”. Yes, again – that’s what we thought.

According to The Sun, close friends have been saying: “They are having a great time and are really into each other.” And after Rita’s very public break-up with Rob Kardashian (following that Twitter tirade), we’re glad to hear it. The source said: “It’s early days, but they’re keen on each other.”

Let’s just hope Cara‘s into third wheeling.

By Lucy Hancock, 8 May 2013

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