Erm. WHAT Has Happened To The Colour Of The Olympic Pool?!

It's bad news for the Olympic divers, because experts think *this* gross reason is why the Olympic pool has turned green...

People are concerned. Like really concerned.

And this time, it’s not over Helen Skelton’s wardrobe choices because, get real, the ‘gal looks amazing and she can wear anything that she likes.

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In fact, the latest bought of Olympic scandal is over something far more important and worthwhile than the length of a skirt.

We don’t want to alarm anyone but… THE OLYMPIC SWIMMING POOL HAS TURNED GREEN.


What on earth has happened to the pool for it to become such a questionable hue?!

Is this some type of slightly obscure practical joke? Are the divers at risk of radioactive pool water? And why has this seemingly never happened in the entire history of human existence?

Well, Scientists in SwimmingPoolology (a science we definitely just made up to sound a little more clever) are actually kinda’ concerned over the change in the colour of the water- with Brett Blair, a national manager of Jim’s Pool Care, telling The Guardian that ‘the main reason a pool normally goes green is lack of sanitation’.

Wonderful news.

However, an Olympic spokesperson has now released a statement in an attempt to reassure the many worried viewers who are widely referring to this situation as ‘#poolgate’.

According to the press statement, Olympic officials believe the change in colour is due to a ‘proliferation of algae’. Which, ya’know, is still pretty concerning.

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However, the spokesperson also confirmed that the pool will be back to it’s former glory today- promising that ‘the pool will be blue tomorrow’. Phew!

Of course, this isn’t the only Olympic scandal to have excited viewers- as many have found themselves enthralled in what appears to be the makings of a romantic relationship between fellow presenters Rebecca Adlington and Mark Foster…

If you keep using it… I'm going to eat it!!!!!

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With Rebecca appearing to stroke Mark’s leg whilst live on air and the swimming pool turning a radioactive green shade, this is definitely an Olympics to remember.

Alice Perry