The One Question Rillington Place Fans Still Have Left After The Finale

It was the chilling final episode of Rillington Place last night... But fans were left with one major worry. And it's about the dog

The chilling finale of BBC drama Rillington Place aired last night. And it certainly didn’t disappoint.

The three-part drama told the true story of serial killer John Christie, charting his gruesome murders from the 1940s and ’50s which took place in his now infamous Notting Hill property, 10 Rillington Place.

And last night’s epic finale episode was just as creepy as the rest, as we saw Christie (played by the superb Tim Roth) finally face up to his crimes.

However, whilst the horrific murders and the bodies buried under the floorboards were shocking enough, there was one element of last night’s episode that really left people horrified on Twitter – the dog.

After carrying out his final string of killings, we saw Christie flee his home… But not before leaving his poor pet Jack Russell abandoned in the park.

And viewers simply couldn’t deal.

Christie was seen abandoning his dog in the park, and viewers simply could not deal

Christie was seen abandoning his dog in the park, and viewers simply could not deal

‘#RillingtonPlace Incredible acting and script…slow pace, chilling and mesmerising..hope the dog was ok ..’, one tweeted.

‘I wonder if anyone ever found out what happened to the poor abandoned Dog ! #rillingtonplace’, said another.

‘Worried about the abandoned dog #rillingtonplace’, tweeted a third.

rillington place

Christie hid the bodies of his victims under the floorboards of his home…

Sadly, it seems we’ve found the answer, as another fan replied that the real Christie actually had the dog put down shortly after leaving 10 Rillington Place.

‘Sadly, it wasn’t just abandoned – he actually had it put down on the day he left No 10..’, one person replied to the worried tweets.


Dog comments aside, viewers had nothing but praise for the cast’s brilliant performance, with Tim Roth leading the way when it came to epic acting.

‘With his reptilian eye movements and flippant smiles, #TimRoth just gave the performance of the year. #rillingtonplace.’

We couldn’t agree more.