Rihanna Tops Chart & Visits Late Grandmother’s Home

Rihanna was spotted leaving her hotel in New York today, before visiting her grandmother Dolly’s home in Brooklyn.

She shared on Twitter that she was back at the house “for the first time without her going through her stuff.”

Rihanna revealed that Dolly had kept photo albums filled with press clippings featuring her famous granddaughter, and she spent some time looking through old family photos at the house.

The singer got a huge tattoo in tribute to her much-loved grandmother after her death, and today tweeted that she was touched Dolly had kept some stuffed animals she’d given her as a child.

Rihanna‘s song ‘Diamonds’ has just overtaken One Direction in the iTunes singles charts to hit the top spot, so we have no doubt that she’s making her “Grangran Dolly” proud.

Go RiRi! BS