Rihanna Debuts Her New Mullet ‘Do At NYFW!

Rihanna’s had lots of hairstyles during her career – a crop, long extensions, a grey hue, a bob – but we’re really not sure about her latest look. 

The singer stepped out on the second day of New York Fashion Week with what looks like a mullet. Yep, the hairstyle you’d normally see on a member of Honey Boo Boo’s family or 90s Fun House presenter Pat Sharp is back. Eek!  

Sat on best friend Melissa Forde’s lap at the Opening Ceremony catwalk show, RiRi showcased her latest ‘do, pairing her retro tresses with a grey silk teadress, suspenders and even a nineties choker. Clearly she’s determined to bring the hairstyle back.

We can’t see it happening, although that is what we said about the crop top. Maybe next year we’ll all be brushing our rats tails, laughing over how low maintenance our new hair cuts are!

Let us know what you think of Ri’s new hairdo below…

By Issy Sampson

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