So *This* Is Officially The Right Way To Make Tea

It’s a debate that has raged on and on for (what seems like) the whole of time. 

Even the most dedicated tea brewers seem to be divided in how to make the perfect cup of tea. 

Milk first? Milk last?

WHO KNOWS. But if you’re one of those crazy people that like to put your milk in first, just STOP. Sorry, we couldn’t help but throw our two cents in. 

Anyway, it seems that we can all finally put that discussion to bed, as we have the answer. That’s right, someone knows. 

Enter Tetley tea’s master blender, Sebastian Michaelis​.

Spilling the golden secret to Time Out, Sebastian has confirmed that there’s only one way to go about things come tea time, and it’s all about adding the milk AFTER.


Turns out there’s one very important reason why, too. If you do happen to splash your milk prematurely, you ‘will reduce the water temperature and inhibit the brewing’.  

And why would you do that? WHY? 

Exactly. Now go forth and stick the kettle on… The right way.