Rick Edwards Has An Awkward MIC Moment With Nicola

Anyone who managed to catch the Made In Chelsea: The Aftermath show would have known that there was one particular moment that was seriously awkward.

Host Rick Edwards joined the Chelsea gang for the end-of-the-series party to grill them all about their escapades from throughout the series.

But amongst dissecting the complicated romance of Louise Thompson and Alik Alfus and laughing at naughty Jamie Laing’s filandering ways, Rick ended up going head-to-head with Nicola Hughes. And it was REALLY uncomfortable to watch.

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Rick was getting to the bottom of Stephanie Pratt and Lucy Watson’s epic fall-out when Nicola butted in – and Rick didn’t seem happy.

Rick kicked off by defending Steph over that holiday with the girls, saying that she was ‘having a terrible time in the Maldives’ and that ‘no one was being friendly to her’.

Nicola quickly interjected from the back row, telling him: ‘But we weren’t being horrible to her. We had arguments with her but we weren’t being horrible to her every minute of the day.’



‘We’d speak to her, we’d engage with her, we’d invite her places’, she added.

Sarcastically, Rick replied with: ‘That’s good of you’, to which Nicola snapped back: ‘Don’t be rude.’

Much to the shock of the MIC cast, Edwards retorted: ‘That wasn’t rude. I think you have no idea what rude is’. 

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Attempting to defend her behaviour on the island, Nicola explained: ‘We’d invite her places but she chose not to come. How is that our fault?’

‘Because you’d already been mean to her, maybe?’ said Rick, still defending Steph.

The whole thing was pretty tense, not to mention unexpected. We love Rick and his funnyman ways, but we did feel that he was targeting Nicola a little… However, viewers watching quickly tweeted their amusement at the argument unfolding before their eyes.



‘Ohh, that beef between Nicola and Rick Edwards’, tweeted one fan. ‘Lol Rick Edwards shutting down Nicola on the made in chelsea thing was funny’, laughed another. 

‘Looool is Nicola trying to be rude to Rick Edwards??’ questioned a third.

Clearly, Rick is NOT a big Nicola fan. *Sigh* We hope these guys can make up soon…