Chocolate Bars We Want Back In Our Lives

All we want for Easter is… The return of some of our fave childhood chocolate bars. Thinking back to some of these amazing creations we literally do not understand why they would stop making them. Like, why deprive the world of something so delicious?

Like the sophisticated Marble bar of the 90s. We all felt super fancy chomping on one of these milk, white and praline bars that was pretty much a big chunk of Guylians. YUM.



Or what about the Fuse? Packed with peanuts, raisins, fudge and cereals, it was one jazzy chocolate bar.



Then there was the Dream, which was, in short, A DREAM. Just delicious white chocolate…



And speaking of, the egg version was a welcome addition to Easter.



Talking of Easter, we miss getting our Easter eggs in MUGS – like this classic Smarties one.

And who didn’t want a Squegg egg? A square egg! The coolest.



As for the Spira, what was it about putting chocolate into a spiral shape that made it taste so much better? It did. It just did.


Bring back Taz! We know we can technically still taste a Taz as it is but a Freddo in a different name, but Taz was JUST BETTER SOMEHOW.


What about the Snow Flake? Not only was its name GENIUS, it tasted amazing but never, ever forget how it sponsored Anthea Turner’s wedding. Never forget.


Finally… The Mars Delight. It just wasn’t given a chance to flourish.


R.I.P chocolates. We miss you so!