CBB Fans Furious At Renee Graziano’s Insult To Stephen Bear

After Renee compares Stephen Bear to cancer in a furious row, tonnes of complaints roll in from CBB fans....

There was more drama in the Celebrity Big Brother  house last night Рbut viewers were left very unimpressed with one particular housemate.

War broke out between housemates Stephen Bear and Renee during a task entitles At Home With The Housemates.

Renee was asked what positivity means to her, to which she replied: ‘Sometimes when you have cancer, you just got to cut it out.’

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Stephen bear

Bear and Renee have famously fallen out whilst in the Big Brother house

Housemates quickly assumed she was referring to Bear, whom she’s famously feuded with during their time on CBB – and later on, she admitted that yes, she WAS referring to him.

‘He’s nothing. He’s the f***ing chewed gum with the pebbles on the bottom of my sneaker’, she told best pal Aubrey O’Day in the bedroom.

renee big brother

Renee compared Bear to cancer, much to CBB fans’ disgust..

‘He will never be anything more, do you know why? His soul is so ugly. Yeah when I said cancer… he’s the f***ing worst form of cancer. He gets you from your head to your toes.’

Bear replied by saying he was hurt by ‘being compared to cancer’ – and viewers on Twitter were astonished by her comparison.

‘Why hasn’t big brother said anything to Renee about calling bear cancer???’, one fuming fan tweeted.

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‘Allowing Renee and Aubrey to behave like that in the Big Brother house without a warning or spoke to is disgusting.. Shame on you #CBB’, slammed another.

A third tweeted: ‘@Ofcom Renee in big brother saying that about bear and cancer is disgusting!!!!! I’m livid they showed this I want something doing about it.’

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