This Is When You And Your Partner Will Have The Best Sex

If you’re in a relationship, we’ve got an interesting fact for you. It’s about your sex life.

We’re all familiar with the honeymoon period. That first few months when you and your boyfriend LITERALLY cannot get your hands off each other, and every thing he says or does makes your tummy do somersaults. *Sigh*.

This is also the time that we’d assume we’re having the best sex, right? Well, actually, no. Because a new study has uncovered something surprising.

According to The Telegraph, couples have their most mind-blowing sex after one year together. Yep.

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A study carried out by Munich’s Ludwig Maximilian University found out that people (between the ages of 25 and 41) were happiest with their sexual relationship at 24 months. But the bad news? Then it started to decline.

So, what’s so special about this one year in mark? 

Well, the study suggests that it’s because you and your partner would have spent the last year learning what each other liked and wanted in bed, you’re basically now experts.  Makes sense.

There’s also good news for parents, because the poll found that having kids didn’t seem to put a dampener on couples’ sex lives. However, fighting did. So maybe tone down those tantrums if you want your bedroom life to remain happy…

While we take this survey’s results into account, we’re still huge believers that you can keep the spark alive well after a year. Here’s to happy, fun and healthy sex ’til we’re 70!