Fans React As Cheryl Jumps On Stage With Reggie ‘N’ Bollie

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini surprised everyone in the X Factor audience when she jumped up on stage to join her act, dynamic duo Reggie ‘N’ Bollie, for an impromptu dance.

The Geordie beauty has made no secret of the fact that she wanted the Groups category from the get-go, and she has done nothing but sing their praises ever since.

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But on Saturday night’s live show, the Crazy Stupid Love songstress went one step further in her attempt to support her boys, jumping out of her judging hot seat and joining them on stage, during a mash-up of hits Watch Me Nae Nae and Fuse ODG’s Azonto.

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Simon Cowell was quick to point out that she may have been showing signs of favouritism, saying: ‘I didn’t see you getting on stage with 4th Impact’.

Cheryl did hint that she just might just do that one day, but after the girls were voted out of the competition on Sunday night’s results show, that seems unlikely now.

Twitter users were completely divided by Chezza’s decision, with one slamming her for ‘trying to be cool’. Yikes.

The tweet read: ‘#Cheryl needs to stop trying to be cool, she is like the drunk aunt at a wedding who tries to dance with the young kids #XFactor’

Another viewer wrote: ‘Cheryl. Sit. Down. Don’t do this’.

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Some Twitter spectators couldn’t quite believe what was unfolding: ‘Did Cheryl just Azonto !! OMG what has XFactor become…’

But many took to the social media site to spread a lot of love for the brunette beauty, with one exclaiming: ‘my favourite moment on X factor is definitely when Cheryl just got up on stage and danced omg can this happen again please’.

Another fan wrote, simply: ‘DAMN, CHERYL SLAYED!! can she do that again pls?’

We LOVE that Cheryl got so swept up in her act’s big moment. And top marks to her for just going with it and jumping on that stage.