Rebel Wilson: 10 Reasons Why The MTV Awards 2013 Host Is Awesome

Rebel Wilson ensured she stole the show at last night’s TV Movie Awards 2013 in Los Angeles, taking to the stage in a series of hilarious outfits for a bunch of side-splitting comedy sketches. 

From her pink velour tracksuit, to her double nipple slip (yes, really) the 27-year-old only confirmed what we already knew: this lady is awesome. 

Since we saw her rocking an eye wateringly-painful tattoo on Bridesmaids in 2011, the Aussie star has seen her star status rocket to A-list. Come and take a look at 10 reasons why we’re obsessed with her…

1. Her costumes for the MTV Movie Awards 2013 included a leather catsuit, a dress with two fake nipples and a pink Iron Man suit. 

2. In the promo for her hosting gig, she appeared alongside Channing Tatum in a fake car chase which saw her attempt to “get a better aim” for a gun shot by straddling him. 

3. She lives with Matt Lucas IN REAL LIFE. And the comedy pair can often be seen dining out in Hollywood together.

4. Her character as ‘Fat Amy’ in Pitch Perfect has bagged her a bunch of awards and nominations – including three gongs at last night’s MTV Movie Awards 2013. 

5. Her role in Pitch Perfect taught us some of the greatest quotes of all time: “I’m gonna kill him! I’m gonna finish him like a cheesecake!” and “I’m vertical running!” 

6. She has an uh-mazing voice. Check out Pitch Perfect if you haven’t already, ladies. 

7. She climbed on top of a bunch of male dancers on stage at the MTV Movie Awards 2013 and rode them like a bicycle. As you do.

8. On Sunday, before the ceremony, she tweeted: “How am I preparing for tomorrow’s MTVMAs? 1. horizontal running 2. Vocal warm-ups 3. Sexting Channing Tatum x.”

9. She spent most of the evening on stage with a cuddly koala bear, which she named ‘Chlamydia’.

10. She concluded her speech at last night’s awards by saying: “If you’ve enjoyed the show, I’ve been Rebel Wilson. If you haven’t, I have been Jonah Hill in a wig.” 

By Rebecca Martin, 15th April 2013 

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